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Why Experience Matters in a Glass Fiber Manufacturer

Posted by Craig Barry on Nov 27, 2017 9:01:00 AM


Experience matters. It matters everywhere, but in glass fiber manufacturing, it’s everything. B&W Fiberglass uses our experience to innovate. Our customers become more than customers – they become partners – because our solutions are more than one-off products or workarounds.

As a company, B&W Fiberglass’ experience has taught us a lot throughout the three-plus decades we’ve been in business. Experience, in fact, is what got us where we are today. Without founder Bill Beason’s experience working with the fiberglass arms of PPG, Owens Corning, and Johns Manville, we wouldn’t have had such a strong foundation of technological knowledge to build on.

Experience taught us that adhering to our core business values – listening, positive action, enthusiasm, efficiency, accountability – always produces the best way forward. It also taught us that we’re only as good as our production partners; that’s why we’ve invested so much in acquiring a roster of industry-leading glass fiber innovators, from Fulltech Fiber Glass to Poseidon Advanced Materials, among many others.

And as we see it, the only source of knowledge is experience.

“Knowledge” is a nebulous term. It means industry training and certifications, of course, and a deep understanding of materials sciences. But what else does it mean?

Knowledge is knowing exactly when to bring in a collaborator,
and when a project should be handled in-house.

Knowledge is the driver of innovation; it’s what allows us to create new products
and customize existing solutions to meet unseen expectations.

Knowledge is understanding when to offer guidance, and when we should simply listen.
There’s a time and place for both.

At B&W Fiberglass, our team is made up of the most experienced individuals in our industry. Together, they’re using the knowledge that comes from ten, twenty, and even fifty years in the business to answer longstanding manufacturing questions, to improve processes, and to create unparalleled results. Our clients notice the difference.

Experience counts when quality counts, because experience is what leads to quality. From technicians to salespeople, when one link of the chain is underexperienced, opportunities are missed. Everyone is learning on the job until the day they retire…or at least they should be. The B&W difference is that we make a concerted effort to push that learning further, and to turn it into actionable solutions that move forward glass fiber manufacturing as a whole.

That’s why experience matters.

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