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Infographic: Where to Find Glass Fiber

Posted by Craig Barry on Jul 19, 2017 10:08:00 AM

Thanks to its many different properties, glass fiber has become a staple material in a huge swath of industries. Because of its strength, flexibility, and customizability, fiberglass products play a huge role in revolutionizing the manufacture of products in virtually every industry. 

Where can you find glass fibers in 2017? Check out our infographic to find out.

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Topics: Aerospace, Electronics, Sustainability, Construction, Recreation

B&W Industry Spotlight: Electronics

Posted by Craig Barry on May 17, 2017 10:25:00 AM

Producing electronics has become an increasingly complicated process. The textiles, chemicals, and alloys used to produce a majority of modern electronics range from obscure to recycled, and everything in between. One textile component on the rise in electronic production is glass, specifically “glass thread” or “glass fiber.”

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Topics: Electronics