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How is Fiberglass Made?

Posted by Craig Barry on Feb 9, 2018 9:44:00 AM



The early 20th century saw the advent of commercial-scale glass fiber manufacturing, but the process of melting and stretching glass fibers had been in practice since the time of ancient Egypt. Today, fiberglass yarn is one of the most widely-used textile reinforcements in the world, and the production process is improving every year.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how glass fiber is produced, read on.

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The Thermal Properties of Glass Fiber Thread

Posted by Craig Barry on Jan 30, 2018 9:01:00 AM

The thermal properties of glass thread are what make it such a special material. Glass fibers are the oldest and most widely-used composite reinforcement in the world, and for good reason. In addition to being both impact-resistant and lightweight, glass fibers offer unparalleled thermal capabilities.

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Product Spotlight: Nonwoven Fiber Glass

Posted by Craig Barry on Jun 12, 2017 9:16:00 AM

Fiberglass as we know it today is typically of the nonwoven variety. Fiberglass mats and glass fiber textiles comprise a significant portion of the fiberglass market, and nonwoven fabric was actually the origination point for many modern textile technologies.

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Product Spotlight: Fiberglass Roving

Posted by Craig Barry on Apr 27, 2017 9:23:00 AM

Roving is broadly defined as a long and narrow bundle of fiber. What is roving used for?

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Lighter, Faster, Stronger: Energy-Saving Benefits of Glass Fiber

Posted by Craig Barry on Apr 20, 2017 11:43:03 AM

It’s no coincidence that glass fiber has earned a reputation for energy efficiency. From fiberglass windows to reinforced glass fiber vehicles, these materials and their composites possesses some important energy-saving characteristics.

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Product Spotlight: Plied Glass Yarn

Posted by Craig Barry on Mar 27, 2017 10:23:00 AM

B&W Fiberglass specializes in glass fiber as well as other textile components. Plied glass yarn is one of our most-requested components, in part because the material is so well-suited to a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

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What to Look for in a Custom Industrial Fiber Glass Supplier

Posted by Craig Barry on Mar 23, 2017 9:21:00 AM

Are you in the market for a new custom industrial fiber glass supplier? What you’re looking for is highly-specific, but a few criteria hold the same no matter what kind of manufacturer you need.

What should you look for in a custom glass supplier? Here are a few things to consider.

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