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3 Aerospace Applications of Basalt Fiber 

Posted by Craig Barry on Feb 12, 2018 9:02:00 AM



Basalt fiber is one of the most common alternatives to fiberglass. It’s made from the extremely fine fibers of basalt stone which is itself composed of the minerals plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine. Because basalt fiber has such high thermal resistance, it’s often used for high-intensity applications such as those found within the aerospace industry.

B&W Fiberglass works with many partners in the aerospace industry, many of whom are heavily invested in the physio-mechanical properties of basalt fiber. Here are three applications in aerospace that make perfect sense for this high-performing material.

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Infographic: Where to Find Glass Fiber

Posted by Craig Barry on Jul 19, 2017 10:08:00 AM

Thanks to its many different properties, glass fiber has become a staple material in a huge swath of industries. Because of its strength, flexibility, and customizability, fiberglass products play a huge role in revolutionizing the manufacture of products in virtually every industry. 

Where can you find glass fibers in 2017? Check out our infographic to find out.

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3 Ways Composites Are Sending Us to Space

Posted by Craig Barry on Jul 11, 2017 9:19:00 AM

Are composite materials the future of space travel? Composites – a combination of chemicals, elements, or materials – are increasingly seen as one of the most promising advancements in space travel, both manned and unmanned.

How are composites impacting the future of deep space technology, and what should we be paying attention to?

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B&W Fiberglass Industry Spotlight: Aerospace

Posted by Craig Barry on Jan 11, 2017 10:39:00 AM

Although B&W Fiberglass works with customers in a wide variety of industries, one of the most prolific users of fiberglass year-after-year is the aerospace industry. As the airline industry works to make planes faster, lighter, and more eco-conscious, fiberglass is becoming an increasingly common go-to within the manufacturing process.

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