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Product Spotlight: Plied Glass Yarn

Posted by Craig Barry on Mar 27, 2017 10:23:00 AM

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B&W Fiberglass specializes in glass fiber as well as other textile components. Plied glass yarn is one of our most-requested components, in part because the material is so well-suited to a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

B&W and Multiple Winding
Multiple Winding is one of Europe’s leading producer of plied yarns and composite components. In production since 1916, Multiple Winding is now under the ownership of B&W Fiberglass which enables both brands to pioneer new technologies and products for the ever-changing textile market. Although plied yarns can be made from a variety of different materials including cotton, wool, and silk, Multiple Winding has long specialized in the production of high-tensile plied glass yarns. The brand is recognized globally as one of the most reliable quality producers of custom glass yarn products which makes it a natural fit for the B&W portfolio.

What is Plied Glass Yarn?
The definition of a “plied” yarn is single strands of yarn that have been twisted together for additional strength. When two “single” strands of yarn are twisted together in an opposite direction, they create plied yarn. The “ply” of a yarn (i.e. 2-ply, 3-ply) is a reference to the number of single strands twisted together. Yarn based textile components can be made of dozens of materials, but glass fiber is one of the most commonly used in both industrial and commercial applications.

Glass fiber is essentially hair-width filaments of glass borne from a process of molten glass extraction. When twisted together, these filaments can be made into plied glass yarns. Sold as continuous glass filament yarns, the yarn is predominantly wound onto bobbins. They are typically identified by an inch-pound based system or using metric numbers, depending on where they are sold.

What is Plied Glass Yarn Good For?
Plied glass yarn offers a variety of features that make them especially attractive for industrial uses. They have high heat resistance, low moisture absorbency, and extreme electrical properties. They come in either smooth or texturized versions, depending on application. Plied glass yarns are commonly used to reinforce composite matrices, to add strength and heat resistance to commercial applications, and as a component of a myriad of applications.


B&W Fiberglass is a specialist in the production and manufacture of plied glass yarn. For questions about the abilities of glass yarn or its suitability for your application, contact our team of experienced professionals today.

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