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Product Spotlight: Basalt Fiber

Posted by Craig Barry on Feb 16, 2017 10:21:00 AM

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As a company focused in the textile and advanced material space, we know there are many different fiber products to choose from for different applications. But how do these products perform to best achieve your needs? Maybe you’re looking for something like glass fiber, but a bit stronger?

Basalt fiber has the same basic ceramic structure and continuous production process as glass fiber. The difference between the two is that basalt fiber has better strength and thermal characteristics, is highly resistant to alkalis and acids.

What is Basalt?

Basalt is an igneous rock generally formed when, during a volcanic eruption, lava reaches the Earth’s surface. An intrusion of a narrow sill below the crust can also create basalt. The volcanoes that form basalt are normally found near ocean basins. Basalt can also be found in large quantities at oceanic hotspots, oceanic divergent boundaries, mantle plumes, and at hotspots below the Earth’s surface.

The Benefits of Basalt Fiber

Unlike glass fiber, basalt fiber has no secondary materials; during manufacturing, crushed basalt rock is the only raw material necessary. While the temperature to produce basalt fiber is higher than glass and costs more to produce, basalt fiber is preferred for a variety of reasons. Basalt fiber provides various unique benefits, including:

  • Higher breaking load
  • Higher stiffness
  • Higher thermal insulation properties
  • Increased resistance to UV
  • Dramatically improved dielectric and electrical insulation performance
  • Properties upheld in extreme cold temperatures
  • Provides improved acid/alkaline protection

B&W Fiberglass manufactures various types of textiles and composites, from fiberglass to wound fibers. Are you curious about how basalt or glass fiber can benefit your company? Let B&W Fiberglass help you find the answer to your fiber needs. As a leader in innovative textile solutions, we’re here to help your business develop a better materials plan. Contact our team to learn more about our products.

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