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B&W Industry Spotlight: Recreation

Posted by Craig Barry on Jul 25, 2017 10:22:00 AM

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Over the past 80 years, fiberglass has become inextricably linked with manufacturing, industry, and construction. One of the most overlooked – and widespread – uses for glass fiber products is within the recreational space. Fiberglass has revolutionized many of the products and activities we turn to for entertainment.

B&W Fiberglass works in dozens of industries to supply manufacturers with high-quality, customized glass fiber products and solutions. The recreational sector has always been one of the most important in our portfolio.

How is Fiberglass Used for Recreation?
There are literally hundreds of thousands of uses for fiberglass for recreational supplies, materials, and structures. Sporting goods like fishing rods, surfboards, roller blades, and golf clubs employ the benefits of glass technology. Recreational vehicles such as RVs, speedboats, and ATVs can be built on fiberglass foundations. Fiberglass is frequently used in the construction of recreational spaces such as playgrounds, amusement parks, and movie theaters. There is truly no limit to the number of applications glass fiber is suitable for in the recreation and entertainment sector.

Why is Glass Fiber So Perfect for Recreation?
The inherent properties of glass thread are what make it so well-suited for recreational use. It’s strong, it’s lightweight, and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other equally-durable materials. Fiberglass is endlessly customizable, including attributes like shape, color, and resin-receptivity. It can serve as the foundation for objects of nearly any shape and size.

Fiberglass is (Almost) Forever
Fiberglass mats are frequently used to construct sturdy, high-use structures that are meant to be long-lasting. Consider the thousands of abandoned theme parks and putt-putt courses that retain their original “looks” – most were built mainly out of glass fiber materials! Fiberglass mats topped with foam, resin, or composite materials are incredibly hearty, even for outdoor use. At the same time, fiberglass thread is inexpensive enough to manufacturers that it can be used for extremely specific applications that aren’t necessarily meant to last forever. Surf boards, golf carts, motorcycle helmets; all are manufactured inexpensively so that consumers can replace them at will without a huge financial outlay.

There’s no limit to the ways in which smart designers can incorporate the many benefits of fiberglass into their product and place designs. Because glass fiber is so versatile, it can be combined with any number of composites for an aesthetically-pleasing result, all in a short period of time and without substantial monetary commitment.

B&W Fiberglass is excited to help supply some of today’s most forward-thinking recreational brands with glass fiber technology. Between our innovative solutions and their moonshot ideas, together we think anything is possible.

Questions about B&W’s work in the recreational space? Reach out to our team today.

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