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B&W Fiberglass Industry Spotlight: Automotive

Posted by Craig Barry on Feb 2, 2017 9:28:00 AM

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At B&W Fiberglass, we service a wide variety of clients in host of industries. One of the sectors our solutions are most ideal for is automotive. We’re constantly innovating to create better, more versatile products for our automotive clients; it’s a fast-changing and dynamic industry.

The History of Automotive Fiberglass
Fiberglass has been widely used in the automotive space for decades. Since before WWII, automakers have been toying with the idea of fiberglass car bodies, and although only a few mass-produced vehicles today are made exclusively of the material, fiberglass is still an integral component of everything from hoods to spoilers to fenders to headlamps.

Fiberglass Applications in Today’s Automotive Space
Today, many vehicles’ fiberglass components aren’t so easily identified. Door panels, grates, pipes, and even engine covers are commonly made of fiberglass or fiberglass parts to reduce overall weight and simplify design. Fiberglass is an ideal substrate for the automotive industry because of its malleability as well as it’s cost-effectiveness; pound for pound, it’s far more affordable (and in most cases, longer-lasting) than steel. Compression molding allows automakers to quickly and easily design custom parts for vehicles – either individually or on a large-scale – then create them using only a handful of specially-sourced composite materials.

B&W Fiberglass and the Automotive Industry
Our team regularly works in the automotive space to solve complex problems. Longtime customers utilize our 500+ years of combined experience to brainstorm innovations that both save them money and time. We’re not just a provider of high-end textiles, we’re a collaborator. Many types of glass fiber are incredibly versatile and when used correctly, can offer unparalleled benefits exclusive to the auto industry. Extremely strong, waterproof, and lightweight, glass fiber is a highly-adaptable material.

Want to find out more about B&W’s work in the automotive space? We’d love to talk. Reach out to our team of seasoned professionals today to find out how our solutions can streamline your business and improve your bottom line. It really is that simple. 

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