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3 Unexpected Uses of Glass Yarn in Construction

Posted by Craig Barry on Dec 6, 2017 9:55:00 AM


Glass yarn is an incredibly versatile building component. As innovators in the glass yarn sector, B&W Fiberglass is proud to have partnered on hundreds of cutting-edge construction projects to supply and produce glass fiber products that exceed expectations.

Why are woven and non-woven glass yarns so suitable for construction? Here are three applications for this customizable, readily-available technology.

  1. Textiles and Fabrics

    Glass yarn textiles are one of the most widely-used applications for construction. Glass yarns imbue specific properties such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, alkali resistance, and a thin profile to a wide variety of materials used to enhance or reinforce foundational elements of structures. Glass yarn mesh is used to repair cracks, for example, and to reinforce interior walls. It’s also incredibly useful for fire protection.

  2. Reinforced Plastics

    Thin glass fiber textiles are a primary component of many reinforced plastics. In construction, composite plastics are as essential today as drywall, concrete, or brick. PVC piping, TPO, siding/wall paneling, and even decorative elements used in structures are a few primary examples of composite plastics in construction.

  3. Insulation

    Glass yarn – specifically an arrangement known as “glass wool” – is the preferred insulation material for both commercial and residential construction. The material offers incredibly high heat resistance and excellent insulative properties because its weave essentially “traps” small air cells within. High tensile strength is what makes modern glass yarn malleable enough to shape into insulative panels suitable for installation.

Few areas of construction aren’t inextricably linked with glass fiber products. From glass “wools” to traditional fiberglass, glass yarn’s inherent strengths make it a tenable solution to many of the most common construction issues. Glass yarn is also incredibly cost effective relative to many other high-tech construction materials.

B&W Fiberglass specializes in glass yarn solutions for construction and other innovative industries. Our partners comprise some of the leading names in industrial and commercial glass products, and our team strives to provide the kind of customer service that ensures a holistic approach to every project.

We invite you to reach out to our experienced team today to discuss how improving the quality of your glass yarn supplier could improve your overall construction process. From custom yarn specifications to one-off orders, B&W Fiberglass is a leading name in glass fiber technology.



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