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3 Unexpected Uses for Fiberglass

Posted by Craig Barry on Jan 5, 2017 9:35:00 AM

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Fiberglass is nothing if not versatile. Since WWII, polyester resin has been combined with glass fibers to create a durable, sustainable composite, today commonly known as GRP (glass-reinforced plastic.)

Most people know fiberglass as a building material, the foundational element of consumer goods like boats and insulation. But there’s so much more to this miracle product, and you’re probably encountering fiberglass thousands of times in your daily life without even realizing it.

Here are three totally unexpected uses for fiberglass:

  1. Circuit Boards
    You’ve probably got fiberglass in your pocket and don’t even realize it! Everything from televisions to cell phones to computers utilize the advantages of Printed Circuit Boards. Typically, these PCBs consist of fiberglass-reinforced plastic with copper circuits in place of wires. The properties of fiberglass – impact resistance, high strength, durability and heat tolerance make it a smart choice for electronic manufacturing.

  2. Theme Parks
    Theme parks as well as playgrounds in general find fiberglass a lightweight, cost-effective solution to other materials. Crafting durable character statues, for example, parks often turn to fiberglass artists. At large-scale theme parks, everything from the rides to the waterslides to the benches are likely made using fiberglass components. Not only is fiberglass able to withstand constant use, it stands up to the elements of adverse weather and wind, too.

  3. Car Components
    You probably know that the body of cars themselves aren’t made of fiberglass (well, most aren’t), but most commercially made vehicles contain myriad molded fiberglass parts. Dashboards, wheelhouses, and even battery covers are all likely to be made from reinforced fiberglass. Why is fiberglass the perfect material for the automotive industry? It’s lightweight, conforms to design, and is simple to prototype.

Fiberglass is so much more than just insulation. As a building component, it offers one of the best values in manufacturing from both an efficiency and affordability standpoint. B&W Fiberglass works with hundreds of production facilities across the U.S. to develop customized solutions to their specific problems. How can our team of design and manufacturing professionals help you create something better?

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